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The holidays are around the corner……..is YOUR HOME ready?

Every year around this time it seems the telephone calls start pouring in from people who have decided they want to remodel their homes. Usually this has to do with the fact that the holidays are right around the corner and people are starting to plan for a plethora of activities, from entertaining family and friends to decorating and accommodating overnight guests.

People see things differently this time of year. They become more acutely aware their kitchens are not large or functional enough to survive the holiday cooking frenzy, or that their living spaces are not open and inviting for entertaining guests. Whatever the reason, this tends to be a busy time in the land of remodeling!

Our advice to you, if you are thinking about remodeling your home for the holidays, now is probably NOT the best time to start the project. Instead, use this holiday season as an opportunity to detail all the things that you want to change in your home for next year. Take meticulous notes and create your ‘wants/desires’ list. Once the holidays are over, give us a call and let us help you create and build your dream home.

Some of the things to take into consideration this holiday season:

  1. Traffic patterns and flow – Are there certain areas of the home where people tend to congregate? Are they large enough? Do traffic patterns flow easily and naturally?
  2. Kitchen size and layout out – Does your kitchen meet your needs? Is the layout functional? Does it need to be updated?
  3. Living spaces – Are living spaces open and inviting? Are there rooms in your home that you find you do not use (IE., formal dining room)?
  4. Number and size of secondary bedrooms and bathrooms – Do guests have their own private spaces? Do you have the right number of bathrooms? Are bedrooms and bathrooms dated or too small?
  5. Outdoor living spaces – In Florida, we spend a lot of time outside during the cooler months.  Does your outdoor area reflect your lifestyle? Are there things you would like to do that would make that area more useable?
  6. Master bedroom and bath – Do you consider this part of the home to be your personal ‘oasis’? Do you look at this space as a private retreat? How would you optimize this space?

So, make your list, and check it twice! And, give us a call after the holidays so that you can give yourself the greatest gift next year……your ideal dream home!

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